Hard-to-reach communities and fragile regions

Connecting people to technology and education

When people live in remote rural areas with few paved roads or in areas marred by conflict and instability, food can be scarce, and water, health and education are not guaranteed. We use technology and context-sensitive approaches to shrink the distances between people and resources, providing individuals and communities with information, knowledge and skills to expand their choices.

Technology provides farmers lifesaving information

Our Climate Change Adaptation and ICT (CHAI) project’s information and communication technology (ICT) tools have transformed the way farmers in Uganda receive seasonal weather forecasts and location-specific agricultural advisories, livestock and crop market information, termite control measures and techniques for harvesting rainwater, enabling farmers to adapt more quickly to changing conditions. Timely information has cut crop loss and damage by up to 65 percent for more than 120,000 farmers in Uganda’s drought-prone cattle corridor. CHAI’s solutions won the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 2015 Momentum for Change’s Lighthouse Activities Award.

Providing safe access to quality education

Through Room to Learn South Sudan, FHI 360 is increasing access to quality education in seven states across the country. The project uses a community-based, learner-centered approach to reach marginalized and difficult-to-reach populations, with a focus on the formal and alternative education systems. The primary goals of the project are improving literacy skills, strengthening teacher professional development and providing safe and inclusive learning spaces. To support the project goals, FHI 360 is improving and expanding education services for children and youth, developing relevant learning materials and strengthening the capacity of education departments at the state, country and local level to deliver and monitor education services.

Technology mitigates the negative impact of climate change in Uganda (Produced by Momentum for Change)


Climate Change Adaptation and ICT (CHAI)


International Development Research Centre (Canada)


Room to Learn South Sudan